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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Art of Whimsy Journaling


It all started with a YouTube video on whimsical faces. Always believing that art could heal any hurt, little me and big me set out to spend some girl time drawing fun happy scenes after work (everyday). Dare us to utter these sentiments aloud,  besides jewelry making,  cooking and inventing,  we are hooked on all things outrageously nonsensical and certainly out of proportion. And... we are learning valuable art techniques in between.

Tam, Wyanne , Suzi, Juliette (just to name few) have taken the Art of childlike fantasy to a level any adult would enjoy and appreciate. Furthermore,  the act of releasing pent up thoughts and emotions within the process of creating these incredible layers of colors  and shapes and symbols are certainly the least expensive way to see a psychologist.

Here are some links, we are especially excited about these artists because the work they do comes from the heart. Go ahead healing can be fun.


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful - th e eyes are very telling........