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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TaDah - DIY Obsessed!

We, the Girls, have been smitten with DIY lately and honestly, YouTube has everything us gals of our "quick craft something in a hurry" is searching for. Yes, if you are wondering, it is very therapeutic.

This video queued up after another fantastic jewelry how-to and true to the video's claim, it was so easy; we made three! Some days they are worn as bracelets and other days as one necklace. If we had not run out of leather cording there probably would have been a belt in the ensemble. (Laughing boisterously.)

Okay, okay funny but true. We are simply obsessed with Simply Joules. Where on earth does she have the time for all of these tutorials. Ah but who cares, they are fantastic; we love them and yes, have to have 'em! Like-Like-Like! Darn, we can only click the Like button once.

Enjoy and happy DIY-ing.

How-to here: YouTube DIY Video
Thank you Julia (DIY Channel)
Her Blog: Simply Joules

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And such good results!