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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Princess on Etiquette and such!!

Introducing the new book by Princess Noraline Aubergine of Brooklynshire in the Land of New York.

My daughter and I developed this little-big book because she loved being a princess, not just pretending, but being an everyday Princess. I saw it as an opportunity to teach her about etiquette and positive living. Our hope is for little ladies around the world to use their time as a Princess to make their kingdom a better place. Tiara not included.
For little darlings age 4 to 7 - No brothers allowed!!

This ebook is available for IPad's IBooks and print of course.

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Countess Josephine

Photo Credit: Little Princess by Cecile Graat of the Netherlands. Visit her at

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Anonymous said...

This is just wonderful!

Best of luck and success!!