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Monday, July 2, 2012

Ni Hao Chun Kuen

Watching Bobby Bognar's (History channel television show) "Food Tech" inspired my family to create a Chinese themed dinner surprise for me

No Pastry Class Necessary
Well, surprise... surprise... I was surprised, when I got home and had the honor of making my own spring rolls and stir-fry. While well intended the skill was not there, so I pitched in as they bit off more than they could chew to pun quite frankly. Thank goodness I have a gift for cooking.

Bognar's show is as transparant as they get. If you want to know how something is made or where it comes from - he's your guy. The "Chinese Take-Out" episode showed us how to grow bean sprouts in the dark. How Peking duck is raised from incubator to restaurant window and how oysters go from eggs to becoming an accidental sauce. 

So with some fresh shrimp, cabbage, bean sprouts and mushrooms, etc., all from Chinatown in Brooklyn, we dove in.
Package Instructions

Oh! Did I mention they bought fresh spring roll shells (good thing, because helllloooo, I might have drawn the line in the pastry making dept.) The  INSTRUCTIONS SEEMED SIMPLY ENOUGH - smile - wait a minute... I have to make the filling too - aha.

My Version

We had pork or shrimp filled and veggie spring rolls every evening since Friday. My family is becoming a little obssessed with them and my technique is increasing as I indulge them. The only thing missing was the chinese take out boxes with it's familiar red pagodas.

How do you say delicious in Chinese - Yum Yum!!

The Finished Product

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Bobby Bognar said...
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Bobby Bognar said...

So glad my show was able to inspire you to cook!

by Ambrosia and Epiphany said...

Mr. Bognar -I, we love your show and now an avid fan - thanks again for your genius and your comment. Best,