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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Trickle Effect of True Love

The Heart Association had there annual wear Red Campaign a few months back and handed out all kinds of goodies. One of the heart smart promotions was Quaker oat cereal shaped like hearts in a small box. I put it in the cupboard and forgot about it. This morning for some reason, I found the box again and had a delicious and healthy breakfast. What a great morning.

Can I tell you it didn't end there. I walked my daughter to school. We held hands as we walked in the rain and laughed the whole way. People smiled as they passed us.  After dropping her to school, I quickly dashed off to work, hoping the rain would let up. Coming towards me, a handsome young couple huddled together under a small umbrella. They hugged at the corner, kissed and parted ways relunctantly. The guy turned back to get another quick glance at his love. He smiled and turned back to continue on.

Curious, I turned too. She had turned and waved to him. In the rain sans umbrella, she stood watching him walk away. They will see each other later after work - I am sure, but their actions spoke volumes.

I thought of the many times my hubby has given me a ride to work. He always makes sure I get to the door and waves before driving off. It is the last minute "good byes" and "I love yous" that make all the difference. Living everyday with out keeping any anger or animosity but love and affection.

Every love story has a scene in which , the girl and guy part ways although they love each other deeply. Both thinking "if she turns around, I know she loves me and its forever". I would like to think that this mysterious couple has that. It made me feel happy for the world, for humanity - that people still fall in love. Call me a romantic, but after eating heart shape cereal this morning, I saw love everywhere. Like ying and yang, I wish them all the best for a long and lovingly balanced relationship.

In case you are wondering the cereal was as fresh as ever, lighty sweetened and - delish!!

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Anonymous said...

You have described what people have tried to describe for centuries, quite well. To do that so well, it must be very much within you......