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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Parenting 101, 102, 103...

Life Lessons 

Today was one of those days, when you wished Dr. Spock or some other fantastic parenting expert was living with you. I would even take one of those futuristic glasses with access to the Internet right on the lenses. That way I could look up a suitable answers to my daughter's constant quest for knowledge and permission.

Today it was permission. As we, my daughter and I, sat enjoying some Pierre Maitre "Tarte d'Alsace", (a delectable flat bread covered with ham, caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese); she threw one at me. Mom can I have the "King" to my house for a sleep over?
Well, I almost choked.
"Huh?!" I feigned hearing loss.

Some Background:

The "King" as we will call him for this story, is a six year old boy in my daughter's kindergarten class. They met during orientation night and ended up being in the same class together. Noraline announced after the first day in school that she would marry the "King". She is obsessed with him being on anything but Green in class and tells his Mother promptly if he was misbehaving in class that day or not.  The "King" with his short mohawk hairstyle seems like a Rocker and Harley Davidson aficionado in the making. Oh Boy!  and she thinks he is Prince Charming. That's it in a nutshell.

Meanwhile back at the dinner table:

"Noraline, please don't talk with food in your mouth", I said
and that silence lasted about 10 seconds.
"Can he come Mom, pleasssseeee?? It's just a sleepover." She had that look.
"Well", I started, "don't you think we should arrange a play date first before anything else?"
I could not come up with answers about why I wanted to yell, " no way, man".
In my head, I heard myself thinking quite loudly - "Hey! -  at least you are teaching her to date first ..." knowing fully well that Dad won't allow any dating until she is Forty.

I was relieved when my 22 month old son starting rubbing his half eaten dinner across the placemat. Tending to him was a welcomed distraction and the discussion ended.

That night before bed, she did remind me to ask the "King's" Mom about getting together. "After all he is my best friend Mom." She was so matter of fact. I wonder if he even knows that the wedding china has already been picked out. To be continued...Smile!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well - hands full you have. The exactly correct advise - I don't.

There is definitely good news here and not bad news, but added burden I suppose.

The good news your daughter is normal and is projecting the love she is exposed to.

The not so bad news/burden thing - your daughter is normal. And you don't sleep enough now.

Hopefully, if the Mohawk kid is OK, everything will be OK. If not, hopefully she'll recognize that.

You will look back and laugh when the sleep-overs are legal!!