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Monday, February 7, 2011

What is Love?

As we are now officially seven days away from Valentine's Day, I thought hmmmm (that's me thinking) - "What is Love" and what does it mean to me? 

Love is Family. 
Love is Respect. 
Love is Beauty within. 
Love is a kind Smile. Love is Unconditional. 
Love is Caring. Love is a Merry-go-round. Love is Friendship. Love is Community. 
Love is Trust. Love is Good. Love is a Natural occurrance. Love is Unexpected. 
Love is just that Love.


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Anonymous said...

What you said about Love is quite wonderful. Love is all those things. Love is also tangible sometimes, but not most of the time. Love is the strongest, most irresistible emotion, and yet so often it is repressed for fear of rejection or simply fear. Love gives way to other things less worthy in out human nature. But we should always strive for Love, look for Love, appreciate Love and give of our Love where and when ever possible, because Love is the answer; the only answer. And how can we go wrong if Love is our starting and ending point?