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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kulfi means... It's Dessert Time

A treat for Noraline Aubergine usually means I am in the kitchen making something that will expand my hips by just looking at it.   Yes, a promise is a promise no matter how fattening - So we made homemade Kulfi.
Kulfi, an East Indian milk based dessert, is rich and creamy and unlike it's counterpart ice cream, has no air. It's what we call a whole lot of dense goodness. She was quite excited because we were watching Aartie Party the other day on tv and as the latest winner of the Next Food Network Star, Aartie made the quickest and most delicious looking Kulfi we have ever seen - literally.

As usual Noraline just had to have some... and of course, I just had to obliged. Any reason to get in the kitchen and experiment - right?! Besides the change in seasons had Noraline under the weather, so having a special dessert to look forward to was quite the reward.

It was very easy to make and funny enough we had all the ingredients at home.  It tasted good, so sweetly good that we ate the first one that was frozen solid.

Even though Noraline was not feeling well, after having some Kulfi she had a marvelous and quick recovery.


Before the Food Network win and after... click here for the recipe.

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