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Sunday, September 5, 2010

French Macaron 101- Part Deux: What not to do?

The French Macaron story continues. Wait, wait, what did I say  - Story, no, I meant Saga. 
I watched my much coveted Macarons sitting in a container on the counter. My girlfriend stops by and I asked her opinion. "They are goooood", she said with a mouthful of cookie. "I'll take some home with me." She did and the following day, posted on Facebook, that she was in church dreaming of them - well, that was trouble. I went to work the next day and everyone was looking for the dreamy macarons, the threats came one after the other and I felt it would not be safe walk home alone - smile. 

Okay, okay, so I promised to make some more, after all it was an experiment in "can she do it". I tried and it resulted in what you see above. I still had no parchment paper and my spatula trick did not work this time - teflon or metal. I threw it out, all except the (made from scratch) buttercream...which came out delicious by the way. By Wednesday, too many requests came in for when the famous macarons were going to make it to my office. I sought the parchment paper and found a roll at 
Tarzian West. Guess what I was doing in between family obligations that night. Anyway, with all ingredients set, correct tools in hand and the oven warmed, I set out to create the perfect macarons.
My hopes were dashed, instead of beautiful coral colored cookies, I got almond thins. Everything went well, except the part where the macarons remained tall and soft on the inside. They fell flat like my esteem...argh!!! Something went wrong along the way and the only thing I can surmise is the following dos and don'ts:
Send kids and husband off to babysitter
Follow Recipe to the T
Do not use the easy version
Use all required ingredients and tools
Take your time
Have a beverage while you create
Kitchen must be cool to prevent melted whips
Have a back up plan, ie: know supplier of French Macarons to make purchase, when all doesn’t go well
Smile and...
Have family members or friends who will eat them anyway

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