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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Take it Outside

This week I am inspired by Kelly Deck, the Vancouver, BC designer who is wowing America with her hit show "Take it Outside". Her simplistic approach to designing for the home owner's lifestyle, bringing beauty and comfort is sheer genius.

The episode that really called out to me was not fancy and full of furniture but, a simple space makeover for a little girl who could not play in her over exposed backyard. It was elegant yet approachable especially for that of a toddler and really confirms this star in the making. Kelly built a beautiful cedar structure that, as the episode is title was a "cozy, comfortable day room". The Magis El Baul Toy Box seen here is just one of the unique items that Kelly brings to a makeover.

Hey happy homeowners plus aesthetically pleasing decor plus easy care essentials equals effortless success. She is a winner in my book. So to all you DIY fans out there, give her show a look. She will inspire the decorator in you. (No offense Jamie Durie - still love ya!)

Here are some links, she is on today at 2:00 pm:

PS: For those who are interested, Divine Design's Candace Olsen, Pure Design's Samantha Pynn are two other very (very) inspiring designers hailing from Canada. More about them later.

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