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Thursday, April 29, 2010

London Calling!!

Yes, London is calling and I hear the voices everywhere. But how does a Francophile living in the United States find everything she loves lately is more of a hail to Britannia than ode to our sister city in lights.  This month, I found myself drawn to all things chintz.

It started last week with a trip to Target for a humidifier filter of all things. I walked, unfamiliar with this location, to pass the lingerie isle filled with everything from small flowers sporadically strewn to busy patterns in every color imaginable. Then, came the home basics department where there was a special display on Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic. Everything piece was delicate and soft. I thought how in the world would I keep these beautiful linens clean with an active one year old.

Then finally the shoe section, my eyes fell on some rain boots. They were navy blue with light blue whales on them. Well, one of my favorite colors next to woad (for another story) is Navy and I couldn't resist having a look see. I had just thrown our my much loved black and red Wellies and hadn't replaced them since. So the whales were enticing, but as I moved closer, I noticed another boot; girlie pink and full of flowers.

Well, what a heaven sent, I thought. I cannot leave this place with out these boots. (They are shown here in deep contrast to the dirty train floor.) "Please have my size, please have my size, if they have them in my size it was meant to be"...I was praying and looking - none in my size. I tried a pair in a half size smaller and wouldn't you know it. They run big. It was my size - "Eureka!!" Yes, I screamed in the store - out loud - throwing them in the cart, I forgot about my filter and ran to the register before anyone else could sneeze at them. I look inside to see who they were made by and who knew, it was Liberty of London. Maybe all the other flowers just brainwashed me in a slow subliminal way. Better than junk food, I suppose.

My next encounter was a movie. Mrs. Pettigrew lives for a day. A fantastic tale of life-is-too-short-to-spend-it-holding-on-to-out-dated-ideals. Our main character threw hers out the window for one day,  lived a little and found her soulmate. I cried. A sweet movie indeed.

Then off I was again, this time catching up with my piles of beautifully stacked magazines. Across the pages was an offering of everything Spring. Every piece of china, curtains, pillows and wallpaper that graced those glorious pages were of a floral motif, not one modern pattern. With all the slathering of things Shabby/Country Chic I started to believe that maybe just maybe I am more of an English Tea Rose than a soothing French Lavender.

Then of course there is my love for all things Nigella - help! Well anyway I am off now to have a cupper That reminds me, I think I will have to make some scones this weekend and will let you know how that turns out if I do, especially since I am taking care of the little one, who is now rising and shining from a nappy.

At the writing of this, the television in the background was just showing a segment of Travel with Val. She gave a tour of Vanderbilt Hall of all places, very English. Links included.

Cheers Love!

PS: I had to go back for the filter and what a waste of time - they were all out - darn Murphy!

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