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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fancy a quickie?

One thing is for sure about living in NYC. There is usually a convenience store, a dollar store, a liquor store, a Chinese restaurant, a laundromat and a grocery or vegetable store in close proximity to where you live. Oh yes and a pharmacy, how could I forget that one! This is one of the shameless reasons people don't move - convenience. It does comes in handy though when you have a situation like mine.
My kids are not feeling well, so everything I needed to do in the house had to be quick. Looking through the cupboards and fridge, I realized the leftovers were not going to be enough for diner and I would have to cook again tomorrow. "Well that's never going to happen," I thought. For all those moms out there shaking their heads up and down, you know what I mean. Sick kids just want their Mommies - period -the end. They don't care about dinner, even if they felt up to eating. So, here is what I came up with.

I DVRed my weekly Nigella Express episodes - you know, because sometimes it takes three hours to watch a half hour segment. But I remembered that she had a quicker way to make lamb stew. One of my favorites, I normally make the Greek version; hers was an easy slow cook Moroccan recipe and just what the Doctor ordered. I combined all the ingredients in an oven safe pot at 300 degrees and two hours later, dinner was ready (with plenty of left overs). Nigella you rock. The rest was even easier.

Soaking string beans in olive oil and sea salt over night - created crisp beans with a burst of healthy flavor.

Next I boiled corn on the cob - they were so fresh I didn't add anything to the water.

I found small red and white potatoes packaged by color and size in the food store. When I saw them, a light bulb went off in my head. These are a little like fingerlings and the store or produce manager must have been so excited to have come up with this fun marketing idea. They were the perfect size for kids and for throwing into a stew and such. Well that's what I did, my vegetable scrubber got a work out and into a covered dish they went.  Adding sea salt, black pepper, a little olive oil, a whole head of garlic (not even peeled) and viola, she sat in the oven with the stew and steamed away.

Here is the link to the Moroccan Lamb, Olive and Onion Tagine courtesy of Nigella Lawson.

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