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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

B & W Butterfly Notes

As a busy mom, I sometimes have to shop online or from a catalog. I know, I know - what is she thinking? Well even though, I am unable to feel the fabric or smell the perfume or test out a lipstick, I can certainly visualize the product through it's description. And some of those descriptions are better than the product. (Those marketing writers are good.) Well, I must confess, I still love the trek to the store where I peruse and peruse and peruse until I find the most perfect, i-am-not-leaving-the-store-without-this item. Then there are the i-am-in-desperate-need-for-a-gift-and-can't-get-to-the-store moment. Ha! I said it. Anyway, as an old fashioned kinda girl, I love stationery and I came across the loveliest box of such old follies.

Yes, drooling complete, I fell in love with Cambria Cove's exclusive black and white butterfly notecards. The simplicity of the black and white floral details that cover each card and then dotted with a beautiful colored butterfly just screamed buy me now. The only hard decision I find myself facing, is who shall I write my special sentiments to.

feeling nostalgic,

Here is the link


Anonymous said...

Write to your lover, husband, or secret admiree. Someone who would appreciate it. The design alone says much...beautiful

by Ambrosia and Epiphany said...

thank you that was very sweet and i will - wink!