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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nigella's Chocolate Pear Pudding

So I fancy myself a cook. I used to watch Martha Stewart religiously, loving the clean, crisp look and elegant living. Her magazines photos were flawless and her knowledge unbeatable, quite honestly, she never printed anything unless the research was done - and what was printed was accurate. Her company encompassed perfection and the taste level was impeccable.

While I am still an avid fan of MSLO, I found Nigella Lawson’s easy style of cooking and her whimsical nature to be more generous. A breath of fresh air so to speak and more like my own personality. By the way they are both labeled as Goddesses, the first is coined 'the Domestic Goddess' and the latter wrote a book on “how to be a Domestic Goddess”.

So my daughter and I had a great evening on Sunday watching "Nigella Express" as she whipped up some fun food for last minute guests. These days, my daughter fancies herself a pastry chef. She will see something on the telly or in a magazine and (always with an excited look on her face) squeal “Mummy can we make that?”…hmmm. So of course, today we made Nigella’s Chocolate Pear Pudding, which my daughter kept calling Peach pudding.

It was deliciously rich even without the chocolate sauce. Here is the link for the recipe.

PS: This took ten minutes to put together and thirty minutes to bake……..yum!!

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Anonymous said...

This was sooooooo delicious!!! Thank you Cooking Mama!