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Sunday, March 7, 2010

French Toast - aus Deutschland kommt?

I love French Toast and so does my daughter. If she is not ordering pancakes for breakfast, it is French Toast. So I of course, indulge her every whim by firing up the skillet in our kitchen known as Joe's Cafe.

Today she wanted just syrup. "WHAT?!? Pardon en moi? No Strawberries, no Bananas, no whipped cream." I quickly questioned. "Oh yes whipped cream" she replied, "but only in my hot chocolate!" Yes, there are demanding little people in my household, and yes, I smarten up and started buying the canned whipped cream instead of whipping it myself.

Anyway, I try to turn every request into an opportunity to learn. Where does French Toast come from and why? It turns out it can be traced back to the Romans and maybe even further. But what was is most interesting is that for most of the time, Americans called it German toast. It was only changed after the war when anything German was frowned upon.

After relaying so much of this interesting information to my daughter, she looked at me and said, "Mom, this tastes really good! Thanks for making it for me." Of course, all of the relevant information was quite pointless in her mind, but I certainly felt better having imparted it.

Well off I go, lots of dishes to wash since the busboy quit last week!

Check out the "wiki" entry below that gives a brief history on the famous eggy toast:

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