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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cherry Blossom & Cotton Candy Dreaming

My very own Japanese Cherry Blossom

By Epiphany

It’s January and a brand new year. I decided that this year there would be more splurging than usual. So my twin sister and I went shopping. It was bitterly cold but warm and toasty inside as we perused the racks. Somehow we keep walking around and buying nothing. So much for splurging. Well I thought, its only the third day of the new year, so I suppose there would plenty of time to spend later. We shop hopped and found our way to B&BW (I am sure you will guess the name later). I intended to buy a little something, anything - and wouldn’t you know it my eyes fell straight on the new line of lotions and shower gels. It was there for all to see. I looked around suspiciously wondering if my sister was playing a trick on me. But she was happily smelling another item behind me. I picked up the beautiful red bottle; it described the scent as mysterious and seductive. I was hooked again. I pushed back the cover and inhaled heaven, closing my eyes, I closed the cover and hugged only coolness. I dreamt of a time and place in which I have never been. It was easy to fill up my shopping bag with all the related products and sail up to the register. Just charge it, please!

I bought the Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel and mousse, the body lotion and hand cream. It was simply divine. I couldn’t wait to go home and take a bath. I live in New York, so let’s say that it took a little longer to get home due to unforeseen distractions like dinner and all that.

Am I out of control? Every May when the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens has the Cherry Blossom Festival, I am first in line. Ready to squeal with delight as the petals fall one by one like snow flakes; seemingly one of a kind yet all looking alike. I am hooked on Cherry Blossoms and the love they evoke. Here is an excerpt from my story “Kaleidoscope: Adventures with OMNI’S Twins”. The scene is picturesque as only a blanket of blossoms can be:

“Much later ...

The cherry blossoms were everywhere, the color of cotton candy mixed with happiness, an incredible aroma that made everyone smile. This creation was made on the planet Earth in the country of Japan and brought back as a gift from the Emperor as thanks for the wisdom imparted to him by Eleven’s Kingdom Leader Sook. The orchard was unmistakably one of the most beautiful sights from earth’s nature; of course they are gifts from the Creator after all. With a light breeze in the air, the small delicate petals lovingly floated around Eilidh as she waited for her friend Doll to appear. Today they would discuss traveling throughout the Fourth Dimension.

“Here she comes”, Bambeen said in not so many words and there she was. He always announced anyone’s arrival before they actually appeared, the statuesque warrior approached and just as she greeted Eilidh, something glinted behind her. “

ps: I must have showered for hours.....ahhhhhhh!

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