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Saturday, July 4, 2009


By Epiphany

I know the first thing that probably pops into your mind from reading this new title, Lovejoy, is of a charming antiques dealer, who goes about the English country side and who had a interestingly astute way of distinguishing fakes and forgies from the real thing; but no, this is all about the relationship or adventures of Nick and Norah not (Charles)...not the New York couple of the forties who went about solving crimes, but my beautiful children. I shall call them the new adventures even though there is a modern day Nick and Norah...and ahhh digressing.

Anyway, I have to say that life seems pretty complete now that I have two children. One boy and one girl. It is not the easiest task I might add to have a pair one after the other but, we did it and life is so different. There really is not enough hours in the day to run with them, to read to them, to cuddle with them.

There are more worries that ever, will they go to good schools, will we be good parents and will the good creator bless us with long life to see our grandchildren from this pair. Will everyone be healthy always starts from will they eat right when you are not around, will they become best friends and watch out for each other....more questions just come.

Why do most people make parenting look so easy, when it is the most difficult job of them all and it is 24/7 - 365 some years 366. There is no real manual and the advice you get works sometimes. Trial and error is probably the only sure bet along with heartaches.

I do remind myself that when all is said and done, the best part of being a parent is the love and joy you get when you look at their smiling faces or their peaceful slumber. When you hug them and they tell you that they love you and you know it is unconditional. I am sometimes overwhelmed by this great task of being their mother as I am overwhelmed with the feeling of perfection in having such an amazing blessing in two angels.

Thank you for the honor.

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