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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Garden Lunch

By Epiphany

I am obsessed with French/Italian outdoor eating, not Cafe style but at "Home" style. I know that sitting around an old and incredibly distressed farm table, on hard wrought iron chairs, under a tree of falling leaves may not be your idea of elegance, but I find it so relaxing, so comforting and oh so chic. The epitome of country eccentric.

Just think - what was considered a normal everyday occurrence like eating lunch al fresco, has become a sought after shabby chic lifestyle. We usually see these scenes in French and Italian movies and of course by visiting places like Tuscany and Provence. People have spent their vacations relaxing like this and return home hoping to recreate the beauty and peaceful joys of a two hour lunch among nature. Unfortunately it doesn't always happen. Don't get me wrong, you can do it. But the hunt for eclectic and vintage pieces is somewhat of a daunting and expensive task and not everyone is up to the challenge, nor do they have the time. Besides, that's why we take vacations, I suppose - to experience and renew. But every once in a while you see them popping up across the country and you know right away that some folks got it. They have realized the essential beauty of this age old and largely commonplace event. Why not have vacation everyday at home.

It is not necessarily the serenity that makes it so appealing but the miscellaneous things that you gained without knowingly trying very hard. For one, you actually recycle, a few things like - the table - probably in the family for years - the water bottle - using glass bottles to keep the flat water cool on table and table linens - instead of creating more trash with paper napkins. Likewise, you just end up spending quality time, breaking baguette (smile) with the family all while soaking up some much needed vitamin D and clean air. 

Well call is bourgeois if you want, but to me it comfortable living, where my high blood pressure pills are never needed and my skin glows and dries in the breeze.

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