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Monday, June 15, 2009

Victoria Victoria, Welcome Back!!

One of my favorite things in the world is to peruse a bookstore. I had been under the weather lately and unable to go out, but manage a trip to the local mall yesterday and Tah Dah went into the bookstore. I said to myself I will just have a look at the magazine shelf and then get back home. 

Looking looking looking...what to read? My eye falls on a magazine that I don’t believe is there. It must be a mistake. I pull it out and to my delight it is. Victoria magazine, the  a longtime cancelled publication - was back. I felt my life was back in full force. Can anyone love a magazine that much - I mean to their core. As silly as that seems, I cannot really  explain it. Just as I picked up the thin lady like publication with it’s blue and white cover beckoning me to read further, my daughter ran up. She declared that she had found a book and it was a must have, with that demanding four year old stance.  Who would believe it, it was the story of a dollhouse wedding in Victorian times...hmmmm. I relented and she got her way. Of course what mother in their right mind would denied their child a book. 

Anyway, somehow I felt very victorious all of a sudden. I somehow put the magazine’s re-emergence and my recent birthday and major milestone into a bowl, mixed it thoroughly and came up with “this is my year”. I guess the Phoenix always rises again.

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Runs with feathers said...

It's a sure sign of great things to come. Prepare for the unfurling of your dreams!

Anonymous said...

Walking with Stars says...

Don't you love it...Every year is a great year but this year feels special!!