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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Empty Mannequin

by Epiphany

The Muse rambled on “I love fashion, I love inner beauty - two very different issues - melted together. Such a superficial business, not for the faint of heart - based on an illusion - most of the time - who can say what is real or who is true. Don’t get caught up - stay focused - be honest with yourself and enjoy the fantasy - call it balance of, image vs. reality - hmmm! Who am I again?”

I wrote these random thoughts some years ago (a very very long time ago, when I was younger) about my then feelings of the Fashion world. Having modeled for a while and worked (actually slaved) in every other position, I realized the shiny diamond was actually a cubic zirconia. Okay, I was a little bit more than annoyed. Eventually I let it go, (you know that old adage, set something free ...), but lately as I thumb through the countless number of  magazines available I wonder if the business has evolved or just become more commercialized. It probably started with licensing; everyone has a line whether they have talent or not, if they have the backing, they find a following.

Fashion in it’s earliest form was about Art; clothing was about necessity. Over the years, some designers had done really well in melding the two together but today it seems that everything and anything goes. At one time you would see eccentric looking people walking down the street. He/she was uniquely dressed in things that didn’t quite go - but looked effortlessly chic. They were provided by exclusive designers for amounts no one discussed. Nowadays, it seems that everybody wants to look unique and designers wanting to capture the global markets are willing to forego the small clientele to rake in the numbers. The trends are no longer easy to define per season and now ‘different’ looks the same.

I wonder what will become of the business and that is the key word - business. The industry has become so saturated that designers with real talents are strewn into the mix of celebrity branding.  Even discounts retailers have exclusive goods for the regular folk. Thanks but no thanks, and yes even in a recession. 

Yes, these days everyone dresses however they feel to show their individuality. Meaning that appropriateness has gone out the window; It is sad really, that no one knows anymore how to dress for certain occasions. Society’s lack of respect is rearing it’s ugly head again, but that another blog entry.

Have designers become so desperate for money that they are willing to push aside their art to have high sales? Has the glamourous existence that can follow a success story clouded their judgement? I do know there are a few brands out there that are bringing back the old way of fashion - couture and exclusivity. But will it be enough to push out the riff-raff and bring back the art of it. I hope so.

Well I have expressed my annoyance enough, so do look around the next time you purchase something to wear and think to yourself - am I really that different after all?

auf wiedersehen,


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