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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

20 questions with Lovelace

Where have you been, Dear?
Oh just here and there?
Are you well?
Oh in splendid health, why?
I wondered where you had run off too. Well?
Well what?
Where did you go?
You seem to have so many secrets!?
Do I?
What ever gives you that impression?
You know
I assure you I don't?
Are you going to tell me what you found out?
Who says I found anything?
I know you have!
Well I have not an inkling to which you speak.
Please stop beating around the bush and tell me what he said?
Not much, what interest is it of yours?
I need to know!
You are quite the hound today, aren't you Dear?
I need to know, don't you think I should know?
I'm so sorry, your time is up!
Wake up....Wake Up!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Lovelace Day!!