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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Cafe Story...

The Sidewalk Cafe
by Epiphany

I like to people watch, which I am sure you have gathered from my last post. I guess that makes me a voyeur - but in a nice way. Smile - no windows please!!

Sitting in a Cafe enjoying a cup of coffee, a salad or even some vino is really the best way to see people. The artists/actors on parade if you will, are on display but unaware. Okay maybe some are quite aware. Smile know who you are. But no matter what I find it very entertaining. It doesn't matter where the sidewalk cafe is, it is always the same and I have lived in a few places with great sidewalk art like South Beach, Paris, New York, Long Beach to name drop just a few. Smile #3.

Anyway, I sometimes wonder if people realize how much their outer appearance says about them or even the looks on their faces. Some are beautiful, well coiffed and ever fashionable, some are bohemians without a care besides saving the Mother Earth, some drive fancy chick mobiles and more are just wannabees desparate for acceptance anywhere.

I love the little dogs with fancy outfits, the buff sun worshippers and the con artist lying in wait. You can almost breath in the richness of some and the "I hope I can pay my rent this week" of others and then, there are the others. The voyuers who also sit waiting to be watched, hiding behind their large sunglasses whether the sun is out or not hoping to catch a glimpse of their audience, enjoying the view reflected. While many are really there to enjoy their food or company, I find it fasinating, relaxing and full of talking points.

So next time you sit in a cafe, coffee shop, or sidewalk restaurant, look around, it is better than reality television.


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