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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Legacy - Part 1

by Epiphany

Count Basile De Le Caer stood tall on his stallion as he gazed across the vast land before him. Acquired generations ago by his great grand father, it was up to him to pass on this legacy to his children. 

The lavender stalks stood tall and bright as the sun shone down on them. In the distance, he spotted someone walking near the lake. Digging his heels into the hind quarters of Belle started her into a gallop. Belle was the fastest horse in the region, challenged many times over, but unrelenting in her pace once in full swing. She liked nothing better than being out and about in the fresh air. 
"Thanks girl",  Basile whispered in her ear. Belle was a sweet horse, loyal, strong and true to her fiery color which became iridescent in the sunlight; She was his favorite.

As the Count drew closer, the gentleman turned around. It was then he noticed that the "he" was in fact a "she"; dressed like a man! He almost shouted it in his brain. But there she stood before him, a beauty beyond anything he had ever seen. And he had been around the world to see many faces. 

Radiant, long flowing dark hair, bronze skin and shockingly beautiful eyes, this woman was as exotic and beautiful as the peacocks that grazed his land. She was a stranger to the Count, so he dismounted Belle and walked over to her.
"Are you lost?" he said.
"No" she replied in a strange French dialect and started away. 
"Do you always dress like a man when you go for a walk" he replied.
The sun was high in the sky and glistening off of the still lake. She continued her stride towards the waters edge. He could not see her slender body through the layers of clothes she was wearing, but his imagination went wild filling his head with thoughts of a firm soft skin perfumed with peonies. His lustful thoughts blinded him and his attempt to follow her resulted in him tripping on Belle’s reins that had fallen to the side. She laughed and it was music to his ears. He smiled back and then starting laughing too, rolling onto his side he decided right then and there he had to make her his wife.

Her name was Constandena, she was a Greek. Her eyes the color of violet complimenting the Hydraendra she was admiring. Dena was speaking, but he could not hear.
" Are you okay?" she was saying. He suddenly jumped up ashamed that he was not presenting himself in a good light.
"Fine, fine" he said quickly dusting himself off and mounting Belle. Catching himself he says,
"You know you're trespassing on private property, but I will make an exception today and rode away".
He was certainly of odd character, riding around on his big horse, Dena thought and went about her musing among the flowers.
Basile rode Belle as fast as she would go, wanting to turn around and go back to the beauty that was just before him. Faster faster he said under his breath to Belle. She whinnied and gave him her best.

During tea that afternoon, discussions of the Manouche filled the air. The Manouche were a band of gypsies who pass through the countryside every year. Their caravans always look like little ants in the distance trailing one behind the other like soldiers walking to an unseen drum. One after the other they moved quietly towards the next town. Most people believed they were up to no good and were deathly afraid of them. 
"Why do so many things go missing when they are in town," Madame Cuillery was saying to Madame De Le Caer.
"Am I late for tea, Maman?" Basile entered the parlour and kissed his mother gently on both cheeks. He was still getting used to the English custom of afternoon tea. A new routine his mother instituted after returning from England a few years ago.

plus à venir...

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully Written! It's as if you lived in France...or at least in a past life ;)